Jorge Luis Borges talked about a red fish swims backwards so the water will not get into its eyes in El libro de los seres imaginarios (The Book of Imaginary Beings), this red fish pops up whenever I am confronted with differences in thinking.

Between Windows attempts to initiate dialogues about and around Latin America to see if we can swim backwards together. Films, debates, book objects, political-cultural projects, live performances from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay and beyond will be presented between 27-29.05.2011. Initiated by SideBySide Studio, co-produced with Mindpirates, this 3 day program will first start at Mindpirates, Falckensteinstr. 48 1st Hof, Berlin, Germany with the possibility to continue in other countries in Asia.

Special thanks to media partners Arscenic and Groovalizacion. our program will be live streamed online at All panel discussions will be live broadcasted Groovalizacion online radio.

  • Between Windows Programmation


    Latin America and beyond May 27–29
    Mindpirates, Falckensteinstr. 48 1st Hof, Berlin

    Films, debates, book objects, political/cultural projects, food and music from Latin America and beyond.

    Between Windows Programmation

  • Bijari (BR)

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    Saturday, 28.05, 19:30
    Panel Discussion: Urban Actions
    Bijari is a group of artists, architects and urbanists living and working together in Sao Paulo city, Brazil since 1996. Their tools range from analogical to digital media for interferences where hidden structures of the reality are put in question.

    Bijari (BR)

  • Cine Falcatrua (BR)

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    Sunday, 29.05, 17:00

    Panel Discussion: Grassroot Cinema Movement

    Sunday, 29.05, 18:30


    film screening curated by Gabriel Menotti

    Cine Falcatrua (BR)


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    Saturday, 28.05, 22:30
    Edgard Navarro joins by Skype
    Schizophrenic tramp performs outrageous acts in the streets of Salvador, and in the end tries to fulfill his ultimate dream: to fly over the city, as a superhero would.
    An iconoclast, Bahia-born Navarro has made some of the most original films in the history of Brazil cinema, his feature film Eu me lembro was the grand winner of the Bras’lia Festival in 2005.


  • soy solo palabras but wish to be a city

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    Book Presentation by León De la Rosa (ME)
    soy solo palabras but wish to be a city is the result of slam poetry colliding with comic book aesthetics in an attempt to make sense of a city drenched in chaos, violence and a systematic, general demise.The 16-chapter long-poem, illustrated in comic book fashion, explores the possibilities of epic heroism in a time and place like Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México; today.

    soy solo palabras but wish to be a city